Welcome to Monetree 👋 - Get Supported for Doing what you Love

Congratulations on joining the Monetree community - you’re one step closer to achieving your goals! Now let’s show you around so you can get started…

Who is Monetree for?

Everyone! We provide a simple connection between you and fans of what you do. Whether you’re an influencer, YouTuber, podcaster, content creator, musician or simply trying to raise money for a worthy cause, you’ll be able to receive donations and messages of support from the moment you sign up. 

And the best bit… There’s no ads and no annoying algorithms!

Getting Started with Monetree

You’ll be ready to get going with Monetree within minutes, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your bank account via Stripe (follow the step by step guide on sign up)
  2. Claim your Monetree user handle 
  3. Fill out your profile - you can keep this as brief or detailed as you want (check out our top tips below for getting the most out of your profile)

Profile top tips

  • A well presented profile will showcase you the best so make sure to add a bio, profile picture and cover image
  • Don’t leave that feed empty - writing an initial post, even if it’s a quick hello, goes a long way to introducing yourself and your goals 
  • Adding in links to your social profiles and any quick links in your connections area is a great way to link your fans to all the amazing things you do

How does Monetree work with other platforms?

Monetree is not designed to detract from your number one source of supporters or to replace your other social media platforms. Instead it is designed to integrate with them - we encourage you to link to your social profiles so your fans can find where else they can engage with you, and to link back to Monetree from your profiles to encourage support from your established fans. 

Plus exclusive content shared on your Monetree profile is a great way to interact with your most loyal supporters.

Launch your profile 🚀

Once you’re happy with your profile, get sharing with your fans and start receiving donations!

Thanks for joining! We can’t wait to see what you achieve.