How to Start Earning with Monetree

Your Monetree profile provides a great platform for you to start receiving donations - whether that’s to support what you do, help you meet a goal or to raise money for charity. 

You’ll be able to start earning through your Monetree profile straight away by following these simple steps: 

  1. First things first - you need to create a profile and claim that all important userhandle. Sign up here.
  2. Ensure you have connected your banking through Stripe (without this you won’t be able to receive donations): 
      • Follow the link to Stripe (either through the sign up step, or you can find this under Profile Settings
      • Add in your account details 
      • Click ‘connect’ 
      • On completion you’ll be redirected back to Monetree to finish your profile
    Hint: You’ll know your profile has been successfully activated when a ring appears around your profile avatar
  1. Complete your profile and stand out from the crowd - add a bio, profile picture and cover image. Hint: Filling in your extended bio lets you tell your full story. Plus you can add an intro video too, if you wish.
  2. Link to your content. Through your Monetree profile you can link to all your social media profiles - great for sharing with your fans all in one place! And by inputting links through the ‘Connections’ tab you can share anything else with ease. 
  3. Your profile is now complete so it’s time to get sharing and watch those donations roll in! 
  4. Once you receive a donation you can either withdraw the funds straight away or let your Monetree balance build up - all easily accessible from your profile dashboard


Does Monetree hold my account details?

No. We don’t have access to your account details or store any of this information, it is all held by Stripe who are a PCI compliant payment provider.

What are Monetree's fees?

8% + banking fees

Do I need to receive a donation to interact with my fans on Monetree?

Yes you do. Once you receive a donation you’ll be able to message your supporter directly through Monetree’s direct messenger function. If they don’t sign up for a Monetree account they won’t be able to receive your messages.

What are Stripe's terms and conditions?

You can read these here.